Just up the road from the Berlaymont, and around the corner from Schuman, "Lorette" welcomes you to the magic world of Belgian delights. Your mouth will be watery by discovering these homemade Belgian products: chocolate, gingerbreads, nougat and noses. A perfect match with the "advocat", chocolatjenever, thee, coffee or a smooth dessert wine. You will find all this in a warm interior with the house-lady who lets you taste these delights. And before you know, you have an original present matched to your budget.

Opening hours

  • Closed Sunday
  • Monday 12h00-19h15
  • Tuesday to Friday 10h00-19h15
  • Saturday 11h00-16h00

Av. Michel Angelolaan 47
B1000 Brussels, Belgium
tel/fax +32 (0)2 733 69 95
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