A basis of tradition for exceptional creations

The daily fresh production and a sixth sense for original combinations of tastes make Frederic Blondeel from Beauvoorde an artisan like no other. He chooses only 100% fresh ingredients, namely fresh fruit and exquisite spices.

What do you think about cassis with cardamon, or a combination of mint, cinnamon and speculoos? Come and discover them together with his delicious orangettes and seashells.


Fat-free, cholesterol-free, natural, full of energy and fibres. The Egyptians already made breads with grains, honey and spices. From the 13th century Ghent become very famous for his gingerbreads with orange and almonds.

The gingerbreads you find at Lorette’s are from a family recipe of 1867.

De Klok spirits

From 1942 father Raoul Galle worked for the liquor distillery Rubbens at Zele who distributed the jenever ’de klok’. Now his son Dirk together with his wife Veerle are offering the delicious jenever and the homemade ’advocat’ at Lorette’s place.

Fresh eggs ( handsplit), milk, sugar, alcohol and 2 secret ingredients make the heavenly advocat from ’de klok’.

The vanilla and chocolat jenever are at their best icecold or heated with whipped cream and chocolat.

Av. Michel Angelolaan 47
B1000 Brussels, Belgium
tel/fax +32 (0)2 733 69 95
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